A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens

7th to 10th Dec 2005 
The Wharf, Tavistock



Scrooge David Hodges
Bob Cratchit Andy Kelly
Fred George Hunt
Donation Seekers Val Ashton, Maria Donkin
Jacob Marley Steve Green
Ghost of Christmas Past Kit Harbottle
Young Scrooge George Hunt
Fan Millie Chinn
Fezziwig Nigel Beere
Mrs Fezziwig Elizabeth Cole
Dick Wilkins Jon Youe
Belle Penny Masters
Belle's Husband Steve Green
Ghost of Christmas Present Nigel Beere
Mrs Cratchit Helena Ancil
Peter Cratchit Jon Youe
Belinda Cratchit Millie Chinn
Martha Crachit Penny Masters
Clara Penny Masters
Topper Andy Kelly
Mirabelle Millie Chinn
Charlotte Maria Donkin
Ignorance Jon Youe
Want Millie Chinn
Business People Lesley Woodcock, Jon Youe
Rich People Kit Harbottle, George Hunt
Char Val Ashton
Laundress Elizabeth Cole
Joe Steve Green
Caroline Sylvia Grimshaw-Powell
Thomasina Maria Donkin
Boy Jon Youe
Poulterer Nigel Beere
CHORUS: Helena Ancil, Tabby Gould, Val Ashton,
Sylvia Grimshaw-Powell, Nigel Beere, Jill Haire,
Millie Chinn, Kit Harbottle, Elizabeth Cole,
George Hunt, Angela Crocker, Andy Kelly,
Kerry Crocker, Penny Masters, Maria Donkin,
Lesley Woodcock, Sandra Ellins, Jon Youe, Ali Fife
Script Marion MacBeth
Director Marion MacBeth
Production Manager Andy Kelly
Musical Director & Accompanist Peggy Salmon
Properties Andy Kelly, Marion MacBeth, Steve Green
Lighting Paul Wren, David Simkins, Marion MacBeth
Costume Alison Wright, Val Ashton
Set Construction Andy Kelly, David Hodges, Chris Wright,
Elizabeth Cole, Ali Fife
Publicity Andy Kelly, Elizabeth Cole
Transport David Hodges, Angela Crocker
Programme Design Chris Wright
Photography Maria Donkin, Chris Wright, Alison Wright
Advertisements Elizabeth Cole
Posters & Banners Chris Wright