Canterbury Tales

26th to 28th May 2005 
Town Hall, Tavistock



The Pilgrims
Clerk Elizabeth Field
Knight Christina Astill
Miller Andy Kelly
Nun's Priest Simon Astill
Pardoner David Simkins
Reeve George Douglas
Wife of Bath Elizabeth Cole
Franklin Frank Woodcock
Host Fred Still
Wife of Bath's Tale
Knight Simon Astill
Old Woman Sarah Denne
Queen Elaine Simkins
King Arthur Andy Kelly
Ladies Christina Astill, Maria Donkin,
Margot Douglas
Passers By/Dancers Kerry Crocker, Maria Donkin,
Margot Douglas,  Amy Friend,
Debbie Owen, Louisa Pallet
Small Boy Richard Astill
Officers George Douglas, Fred Still
Reeve's Tale
John David Simkins
Alain Simon Astill
Simpkin Fred Still
Wife Christina Astill
Daughter Elizabeth Field
Warden Frank Woodcock
Machine Kerry Crocker, Amy Friend,
Cameron Nicol
Nun's Priest Tale
Widow Maria Donkin
Daughter Margot Douglas
Chanticleer Elaine Simkins
Pertelote Christina Astill
Hens Kerry Crocker, Elizabeth Field
Fox Debbie Owen
Neighbour Elizabeth Cole
Animals Richard Astill, George Douglas,
Amy Friend, Cameron Nicol
Pardoner's Tale
Roisterers Elizabeth Cole, Andy Kelly, Fred Still
Seductresses Elizabeth Field, Debbie Owen
Innkeeper Frank Woodcock
Apothecary Frank Woodcock
Tavern Boy Simon Astill
Franklin's Tale
Dorigen Debbie Owen
Arviragus David Simkins
Aurelius George Douglas
Brother Andy Kelly
Magician Elaine Simkins
Friends Richard Astill, Kerry Crocker,
Margot Douglas, Amy Friend,
Cameron Nicol
Miller's Tale
Carpenter David Simkins
Alison Elizabeth Field
Nicholas George Douglas
Absalom Elaine Simkins
Chorister Richard Astill
Jarvis the Smith Andy Kelly
Women Margot Douglas, Amy Friend
Neighbours Elizabeth Cole, Frank Woodcock
Production Team:
Director Sally Reid
Co-Directors Christina Astill, Fred Still
Producton Manager Andy Kelly
Musical Arrangement & Performance Julian Barnicoat, Peggy Salmon
Properties Lucy Meadows, David Simkins,
Elaine Simkins
Lighting & Sound Richard Wright
Costume Alison Wright
Prompt Sandra Ellins
Stage Crew Andy Kelly, Fred Still, Paul Wren,
Chris Wright
Poster Richard Wright
Banner Chris Wright
Programme Design Chris Wright
Content Sally Reid, Alison Wright
Advertisements Elizabeth Cole
Photography Maria Donkin, Chris Wright